Watching a movie on TCM, an old classic. Judgement at Nuremburg with Spencer Tracy as Chief Judge in the trial of Nazi leaders who actively participated in the crimes against humanity. Maximillian Schell was great as the rabid Nazi defender.

This movie should be required viewing for the Republican Senate caucus as they deliberate and deny the Jan 6 uprising at the Capital. All the Nazi criminals stated that they did what they had to do and looked the other way because they were good German patriots and they had to stick together.

History repeats itself.


Today is the 21st day of the month and the 21st week of the 21st year of the 21st century!


The beginning of the last 20 year turning of the “4th Turning”. An age of extreme upheaval that will change society for good or ill. Florida is falling. Miami Beach condo tower collapsed with 100’s pulverized in the dust. Those condos sold for upwards of $700,000. FL real estate exploding prior to this just like the rest of the country. But just like the “Bubble in the Sun” FL could start the wave again just like it did in 1925. Trump ensconced at MarALago near Miami. Everything tRUMP touches goes down the toilet. Hurricane hitting tomorrow. This may be the beginning of all the little triggers leading to massive change. Hold on! Makes me want to move all my funds to cash.

Mike, you would not believe it. Iowa has done away with permit to own and carry a gun. All the Pub states are doing the same. You must have a permit to fish in IA but not to buy a gun. And if you don’t buy it from a major gun dealer, then no background check is done either. Madness!


Connect the dots musing: Barbara is crazy. tRUMP and his crazies say that he will be reinstalled as President in August. Just you watch. News today says funding for capitol police will run out in August. They are taking down the security fence around the capitol today. White suprememacist/rabble rousers/tRumpists/capitol insurrectionists want to start a civil war. They want black and brown peoples to populate some other country and not the US. President of Haiti was assassinated yesterday. Haiti is a very fragile unstable country. Power struggle begins.


Current events: Crazy world. Delta variant of COVID ravaging the southern states. They didn’t want the vaccination, didn’t trust government. Kids go back to school soon and no vaccine yet for under 12 yr old kids. But parents don’t want their kids to wear masks to protect them. Don’t want government to tell them what to do with their kids. Too many people in this country are just misinformed and trust the 2nd amendment to solve their problems rather than CDC mandates.

Biden is withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan. Says it is past time for US to prop up that country and all the trillions spent and lives lost. No more. Time for Afghanistan military to shape their own country. But Taliban is swiftly retaking major cities. Afghan military is ambivalent. “They folded their tents like Arabs and silently stole away into the night”. Longfellow


Quiet Saturday morning. Walking Mikey at 8am. The whole world was sleeping yet it seemed. No people, no cars. That’s the way Mikey likes it. Just the trees and the birds. And of course, the squirrels. Lazy days. Nothing to do except go to the dogpark and grade student papers tonight.

Had a nice week….going out for lunch with the group and then out for glass of wine Thurs. night with Jim. Like Jim buddy. He’s just a comfortable guy that I can talk to about anything.

Current events: Texas is on its way to becoming the new wild west. New anti-abortion laws went into effect on Sept. 1. Now ordinary citizens are deputized to turn in any woman or other person who has even driven that woman to obtain an abortion. Reward to them! Pretty soon you will see posters on store fronts “Wanted. Dead or Alive! Jane Doe and Uber Roe! $1000. Reward! Call TX GOP to inform.

Community college faculty and writer